"Beyond Ordinary Experience" — A Monumental Project

Start to finish documentation of my process on a 134" x 186" canvas — based on my "Departures" series — titled "Beyond Ordinary Experience." The finished piece was first exhibited at Portland International Airport....  The painting was on view in the north ticketing lobby at PDX from August 2013 thru October 2015... and in early spring, 2019, it landed in it's permanent home at Prism Luxury Apartments in Seattle, WA! (details forthcoming…)

I thoroughly enjoy creating provocative and dynamic compositions of abstracted figures that elude labels and convey a sense of community.  The creative origin of this series was a celebration of the universal theme of "Common Purpose, Common Ground" — out of many, one.   "Beyond Ordinary Experience" was created to inspire the global imaginations of viewers from all walks of life — intersecting in a sense of common place.


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Documenting final steps of installation (and video credit) by NW Art Installation, LLC — at Prism Luxury Apartments, Seattle, WA